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By using our site and/or requesting quotes for coverage through our site or offices, you agree to these terms and conditions of use. Our agency represents various insurers on an independent basis in numerous states. In states where the agency is duly licensed, we agree to provide you with quotes from duly licensed insurance companies. In the unlikely event any particular insurer is rated lower than A-"excellent" from A.M.Best, we will inform you of the carrier ratings prior to providing quotes or as soon thereafter as is reasonably possible.

As part of our service, we agree to provide indepenent, unbiased, professional advice and counsel with respect to various plans we quote. Where appropriate, we also will provide advice and counsel regarding plans we do not offer.

By utilizing our services, you expressly understand and acknowledge that our agency receives compensation in the form of commissions paid direct by the various insurance companies we represent. In most cases, first year commissions paid serve as adequate compensation for our services. In the event our agency is charged back commissions paid on a policy you purchased through our agency, you agree to compensate us in an amount equal to the total first year commissions paid or anticipated on your policy. Alternatively, you agree to pay an hourly consultation and preparation fee for our services, based on our current pricing schedule but not to exceed $250/hour, where permitted by law. Should collection become necessary, you agree to pay collection and court costs, including reasonable attorney's fees. This agreement to be enforced pursuant to laws of the State of Nevada.