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How an HSA Bypasses the AGI Limitation - A PowerPoint Presentation

This presentation is a modification of a project developed while I was a graduate student at San Diego State University working toward a Master's in Financial & Tax Planning.

Although it presents a good general overview of the HSA, it does has a rather specific, and unique focus: How a Health Savings Accounts serves to bypass the 7.5% AGI limit on medical deductions. It's a very spiffy concept if I may say so myself.

Please note that the entire presentation is fully protected by U.S. copyright laws. Just like most other concepts on this site, this presentation represents my own individual thought process and is my own intellectual property. If you wish to use a copy of the presentation for anything other than personal use, please secure my written permission first. Thank you for understanding.

NOTES ON DOWNLOADS: This presentation was revised using PowerPoint 2007, which now saves files as (.pptx). If you have an earlier version of PowerPoint, or if you do not have new Microsoft updates on your PP2007 files, please try the second link and it should work fine (saved in original .ppt format). Please feel free to SAVE TO YOUR COMPUTER for browsing later at your leisure.


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