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Learn How to Beat Insurance Companies at Their Own Game With an HSA-Health Savings Account Plan

Tired of throwing away money on high premiums? Get an HSA plan! Simply stated, a health savings account plan is the most cost-efficient health plan you can own. An HSA plan combines a high deductible health plan (HDHP) with a special, tax-qualified savings account similar to an IRA.

Savings galore. You'll save premiums because of the high deductible. When you deposit those saved premiums into your HSA account, you'll instantly save on your federal taxes because, just like an IRA, HSA deposits are tax-deductible.  You'll also save for the future because your HSA account will grow on a tax-deferred basis to provide additional retirement funding. (We have numerous clients who have accumulated well over $50,000 in their HSA accounts over the years!)

You're in control. Think of yourself as the insurance company for the little bills, like routine visits to the Doctor and prescription drugs. It's easy to withdraw your HSA funds via debit card or check to pay those routine bills on a tax-free basis. In the event of larger expenses, your HDHP (high deductible health plan) is there to provide valuable protection & access to qualify providers.

An HSA is such a no-brainer. I've been marketing these plans since 1999 and I'm convinced the main reason people do not enroll in one is they do not take the time to understand the concept. Lack of understanding leads to confusion, which leads to being scared. Sure, a high deductible can be scary but what's even scarier is all the money you throw away on traditional health plans. That money is gone forever! You could, and should be saving that money for your own future.

I can help -and glad to do so. This site is here to help educate hard-working, tax paying Americans on the many benefits of a health savings account plan. The info links will help you understand the HSA concept. If the concept makes sense, let us run some quotes for you. Our independent insurance agency can provide carrier-direct rates from major insurers for you. We also can help you apply for coverage and set up your HSA account. In short, we make it easy!

If you have questions, call or email us. Every client receives my personal attention, guaranteed. Let me show you how to beat the insurance companies at their own game - with an HSA plan!

C. Dean Richard, JD, MSBA "the HSA king"™
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